Windows 10 game mode presents its interesting features

A specific group of fans will receive the possibility to start testing it this week.

Just a few days ago we started talking to you about what Windows 10 would soon receive succulent improvements that, among other things, would include enhancers for the performance of video games on their computers. On this occasion we can begin to reel them in detail.

"We are looking to obtain performance improvements in two different ways," he says. Microsoft in the video that you can see accompanying the news. "One is to increase the general frame-rate in terms of its peaks, and the other is to improve the averages and consistency of the general rate of images per second."

In addition, all these performance increases will come from the hand of an update that will not only enable this Game mode o Game Mode, but will also facilitate access to the Game Bar during games to make sure it is activated. "When you hit the Game Mode, the system will work to prioritize the CPU and GPU resources for your game running in the foreground," they explain.

The Game Mode is planned to work in all Win32 games, and not just those released via Windows Store, although the fact that everyone supports it will come with time. On the other hand, Larry Hryb himself, the alias of Major Nelson, has announced through Twitter that a select group of fans will be able to start testing these features this week through the Windows Insider program.

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