Street Fighter V's story mode is going to be "one of the best things the series has done so far"

Capcom asks fans for constructive criticism about what they want to see next.

Matt Dahigren, one of the production managers of Street Fighter V, has spoken with the North American portal Gamespot about the fighting video game and about the future plans that exist for it.

"I think after the June update is available with Cinematic Story Mode, we will have a full offering and people will finally see the vision we have in mind for the game," Dahigren stated. "After that it seems to me that the game will live up to expectations, it will be a brutal change for the individual experience, it will offer a better vision of what we had in mind to be part of the video game."

"I think it's some of the highest quality content we've ever offered on a Street Fighter. And so if you're still wanting more, make yourself heard. Give us a constructive review of what you'd like to see next, this It is a service that is built for our user base, and we need to know what you want for the future, "he continued."Please, let's work collaboratively, we know there are some of you who are frustrated, but if you give us positive suggestions we listen to them and we will work to offer you the best possible experience."