Team Sonic Racing's Adventure Mode can be played cooperatively

Sega has introduced a new team consisting of Vector, Blaze and Silver.

Team Sonic Racing, the new racing video game starring the heroes and villains of the franchise Sonic The Hedgehog, has unveiled new details for his campaign, including a new original villain for the game, Dodonpa, host of a speed tournament who also claims to be the fastest being on the planet. Software Sumo Digital will present us with a new original story in which we will have to carry out different missions with different objectives such as getting a number of specific rings during a race, point challenges or conventional races.

Successfully overcoming each of the game areas will grant access to new chapters that will allow us to unlock characters, vehicles and parts, which can be used in the rest of the game modes. One of the interesting points of this announcement has been in the confirmation of cooperative mode for the adventure mode, which will help make the task of completing the campaign more satisfactory and knowing the details of the new story starring Sonic and his friends in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo switch Y computer.

Team Sonic Racing will be released at the end of this year 2018. Sega has used the announcement to confirm the presence of Vector, Blaze and Silver in the so-called Vector Team. The Crocodile premiered in Knuckles chaotix, Blaze on Sonic rush and Silver in Sonic: The Hedgehog for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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