Time Ministry VR launches today on PS4

The free video game designed to take advantage of the PlayStation VR device also features new images.

Today the Ministry of Time VR: Save Time, a video game of virtual reality destined to PS4 which can now be downloaded for free through the Store of PSN.

"Save Time is a virtual reality experience in which you can get into one of the best television series in Spain, El Ministerio del Tiempo. In this experience, you will be able to live an adventure in first person to try to dismantle the plans of the Exterminating Angel sect, which aims to change the history of Spain and destroy the Ministry itself. Over the course of about 15 minutes, you will face various challenges against time that you will have to solve with ingenuity and cold blood. "In a press release they explain that the video game" is developed by RTVE in collaboration with Future Lighthouse and Onza Entertainment, and that mixes elements of video games such as interaction with objects or puzzle solving and adds playable Escape Room mechanics ", they say.

"Likewise, the Ministry of Time VR: Save Time will be present by the hand of PlayStation Spain at the stand that the company will make available to users at the video game fair Madrid Gaming Experience to be held from today October 27 to 29. "The proposal is also available on PC.