The "Free Mass Effect Andromeda" turns out to be a mere free trial

That information had emerged in the last hours like wildfire.

Mass Effect: Andromeda may have been a controversial video game due to its poor finish, but it has turned out to be a phenomenon on the internet this morning when thousands of people (including ourselves) have taken their free trial on PlayStation Network for its final version available at no cost any.

The absence of information about the fact that it is a playable 10-hour demo instead of the final version has played a trick on many of us, and that is that there is no way to differentiate the full edition of the PSN Store. video game of this one that is a mere test. That has led many to interpret that it was some kind of error that had to be exploited quickly since it is something that has happened in the past with video games like Knack 2.

In 3D Games we have echoed the news, but as soon as we realized that it was the trial version (Free Trial) we have deleted the news and, now, we apologize.