The loot-slasher Godfall is shown in a video gameplay and confirms its commitment to Unreal Engine 5

The title planned for the new generation has new images shown on the PC Gaming Show.

Godfall, the action and role-playing game similar to Monster Hunter and Dark Souls that will arrive for PC and PlayStation 5, has presented a new gameplay from Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games. On the other hand, both have confirmed that the title will be fully built on Unreal Engine 5 and that the new generation will look spectacular.

It will be fully built in Unreal Engine 5 The 'loot slasher' was seen in a first trailer with gameplay a few days ago. Along with him, an estimated date of launch late 2020 via the Epic Game Store. As can be seen in the new images, the game will feature a combat system similar to that of the mentioned titles, with a fixation of opponents and "dance" of attack and defense, although in addition to rolling on the ground there will also be ability to jump, slide and bet on a frenetic style and dynamic.

From the official channels of the game, a trailer was shared presenting Silvermane, one of the character specializations that will be available to the player: “Each Valorian armor represents a god. Through the tempest and bloody battles, their power will be yours. Ascend with Silvermane the lionheart ”.

At the moment, little is known about this title that promises to delight hack and slash fans and titles loaded with action and epic combat. Here we leave you the new video shown during the streaming of PC Gaming Show.

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