The Avengers game might be further away than we thought

A job posting from the developers of the latest Tomb Raider leaves information on the title.

Each studio works in its own way, that is clear, but it is not usual for a video game blockbuster to leave the narrative part of the experience until last. Therefore, there is a job offer at Crystal dynamics that invites us to think that there is still a long time to see The Avengers Project, the game about The Avengers of Crystal dynamics.

The offer in question seeks a narrative director that "it would take responsibility for the narrative part of the game and take care of commanding its implementation throughout the development process", as explained in the job offer, likewise, it is a position that will have to "control the internal team of writers "and also" hire scriptwriters. " They do not seem, of course, duties for a video game that is facing the last phases of its development.

Of course, not all is bad news. There are also some brief details about the game and its history, mentioning a "cinematic experience", and a story "emotional and memorable"We will see how much of that is fulfilled in the final version of the video game.

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