Sony Bend's open world horror game could be called Dead Don’t Ride

That web domain has been registered for video games, and it matches the latest studio plans for PS4.

If you have followed the news of the video games developed by the internal studios of Sony you will also be aware that we have been talking about Sony Bend in key of the next title that could be developing. In the words of a regular source in the industry, who tells his leaks for certainties in the past, back in June 2014 there was talk of a horror launch without zombies and raised as a open world.

Today, through other means such as those of the well-known insider Shinobi602 we have been able to know that the video game destined for PlayStation 4 would be called Dead Don’t Ride, which would include motorcycles and for which they would have recruited motorcycle specialist Jade Quon from the face, we suppose, to motion capture.

Hours later, the rumor has received a strong credibility boost when a job with the same name was found in Quon's own resume, and when a series of web domain registrations was discovered under the URL by Sony Interactive Entertainment that have been in force since 2014.