The Joel that Troy Baker played was different from the one thought by the director of The Last of Us

Neil Druckmann explains the important relationship between gamers and game developers.

The last of us is one of the most valued and loved video games in the catalog of Playstation 3. What would the game have been like with the original Joel that its director thought, Neil Druckmann? The artist has spoken with an American radio about the development of the post-apocalyptic title and the relationship that exists between developers and interpreters when building a story for an AAA video game.

Druckmann commented that "a very intimate relationship is built between the director and the interpreters behind the voices of a video game. It is a very personal story of mine, and there is someone who is going to interpret the material and make it their own, something that can open the doors to a different interpretation than was originally thought. " He also confessed that the protagonist he thought for his video game was not the same as his actor played, Troy baker.

"Troy Baker, Joel's actor, ended up playing him in a different way than he had intended. At first I was reluctant to do so, but I ended up opening up to the proposal, and I think he ended up being a more interesting Joel because of it. That's when you open up more to improvisation and to allow actors to offer their own meaning and personality to the script to make it better, "he said.

The last of us It also ended up appearing on PlayStation 4 with a remastered version that made the most of the technical virtues of the work of Naughty dog. The next job of the versatile Troy baker is related to the best detective in the world, Batman, in the game that prepares Telltale for next August.