Borderlands 3 boss gets caught up in another controversy

Randy Pitchford, CEO of GearBox, says the former Claptrap actor is "bitter and disgusted."

Randy Pitchford (CEO GearBox)

GearBox is a studio known for many things like, for example, the Borderlands saga. However, among the more specialized fans they are also noted for Randy pitchford, his boss, and the attitudes he shows many times on social networks or against the press and the players themselves. On this occasion, the target of his anger has been the actor who plays Claptrap ... Or who played him rather.

Just a couple of days ago we informed you that Claptrap's voice will not be in the new installment of the franchise, and that the interpreter had accused the studio itself of making "a bad management"Of the money that had been raised to develop the video game. The response of the always talkative Pitchford to the actor David Eddings has not been long in coming.

"He is bitter and upset that his contract was terminated. He was offered double the salary, and he turned it down. I don't want him to do a job but he is willing to do it, because motivation affects performance. You have not been forced to do anything"commented Pitchford." Mr. Eddings was paid handsomely during his employment, and upon completion he was offered a relatively generous amount of money to reprise his role. Unfortunately, he turned down the opportunity. "

Controversy aside, in 3D Games We have already had the opportunity to test the GearBox shooter. You can check our impressions with Borderlands 3 from the pages of the magazine.

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