Sony's Japan Studio to face new developments soon

The conclusion of The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush has taken the burden off the studio.

Senior Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Alan Becker, recently spoke to IGN about the Japan Studio and its objectives for the next few years. Apparently, and after finishing Gravity Rush 2 and the eternal The Last Guardian, the Japanese team has already set the goal of finding new developments on which to focus its forces: “The team feels free to continue doing new things. Let's finish Knack 2, while the internal team, with greater freedom now, will think about launching different video games ”.

Becker is aware of the sales of video games in the Japan Studio, which cannot be compared to some of the main annual blockbusters, but the businessman highlights the passion and the hallmark of these releases: “We cannot compare ourselves to Call of Duty or Battlefield or the main first-person shooter games that end taking the top positions. Nor is it something that, surely, we could do even if we tried, so our point of view should be different and should try to excite people ”.

The Japan Studio is one of the most important teams on Sony's payroll. The category of its productions never leaves the users of the main platforms of the Japanese company indifferent.