The intriguing We Happy Few on PlayStation 4? "Never say never", assures its developer

Originally announced for release on PC, it confirmed its release on Xbox One last summer.

We Happy Few aims to be one of the craziest video games of the year. The entry into a utopian society, stagnant in the sixties and dominated by a strange narcotic has aroused the interest of many players around the world, who did not hesitate to fund the crowdfunding of the product more than a year ago with more than 330,000 dollars. Its launch was expected on PC and Xbox One, but nothing was said about PlayStation 4. Are there possibilities? It looks like it is.

It has been confirmed by the official Twitter of the developer company, Compulsion Games, which when asked by a user about a hypothetical launch of the game on the domestic platform of Sony They have not hesitated to say that "at the moment there is no version in development for PlayStation 4, we are focused on the PC and Xbox One version. But never say never". The game will be playable in the next PAX East from Boston, April 22-24. It looks like there will be an early access release in the middle of this year.