The European PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is worse than the American

Issues with the PlayStation 2 emulation of the Rockstar cult classic.

The Brits at Digital Foundry don't miss one. Within his classic technical analysis he has discovered a problem with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in its recently released emulated version for PlayStation 4 within the PlayStation 2 Classics range. The American version of the game runs more smoothly than the European version, which has small stops during playback.

Apparently, the root of the problem has been found: the American game has been based on the NTSC version of the title released in the American market, while in Europe the PAL has been thrown with the classic 50 hz problem. and its game speed, which when increased to reach the speed of current screens, causes current playback problems.

GTA: San Andreas was released, not without controversy, on PlayStation 4 along with other classic PlayStation 2 video games a few days ago.