The Government undertakes to facilitate video game investments in Spain

AEVI and the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda Álvaro Nadal met this morning.

The president Alberto González Lorca and José María Moreno, general director of the Spanish Association of Videogames (AEVI), together with the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda Álvaro Nadal.

The Spanish Association of Videogames (AEVI) held a meeting this morning with the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda Alvaro Nadal. At the meeting, representatives of the main entity of the country's industry made the national executive know the importance of positioning this sector as a world reference in the country. For his part, the government representative promised more investment facilities.

"AEVI is the main representative of the videogame industry in Spain and we welcome that the Government has dialogue with our group," José María Moreno, CEO of AEVI, stated in a statement at the end of the meeting. "The Government of Spain promised that in this legislature there will be mechanisms to facilitate investment in the sector of video games. We have to be able to compete on equal terms with countries such as Canada, France, the United Kingdom or Italy, which facilitate the development of the sector through tax exemptions. Bet on video games as a country, it is betting on culture, innovation, and high-quality employment, "added Alberto González Lorca, president of the entity.

"The video game industry and the Government of Spain have to go hand in hand to position our country as a world benchmark," added Alberto González Lorca, optimistic about achieving the objectives set during the meeting.