Oculus Rift founder thinks PlayStation VR price is fair

They claim that it is "more or less" the price they expected for the PlayStation 4 virtual reality device.

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR the company you created Oculus Rift, has spoken through the North American portal Gamespot to give his opinion on the recently announced price of PlayStation VR.

"I know what these technologies cost. We are building our helmet and trying to sell it at the most affordable price possible. We have high quality material, we make it ourselves, and we have really good materials in that equation," Luckey stated. "But our price of $ 599 is not really that far, we offer a controller, a remote and a couple of games. Sony sells a camera, a controller and then you have the helmet, it seems to me that in the end the prices are similar. They are cheaper, but I think it is a totally fair price and they have done a great job keeping the price low. Clearly that was the priority. "

"I think the markets are almost completely different for both products. The people who buy Rift are people who already own a high-end PC or who plan to buy it for the virtual reality. People who buy a PS VR are people for whom that device definitely convinces them to buy one Playstation 4 or they already owned one. I don't think there are many PC gamers who are going to buy a PS4 and a PS VR, and I don't think the other way around, either. Right now they are very different markets. "