The fantastic Owlboy launches on Xbox One and PS4 April 10

On May 29, its physical version goes on sale for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Now available on PC and Nintendo Switch, the excellent Owlboy will be released on Xbox One and PS4 on April 10. Announced by the independent team D-Pad Studio, which has celebrated the news with a new trailer for this beautiful retro-style action-platformer adventure.

The video game will go on sale at the price of $ 24.99 exclusively in digital format, but later there will be a physical edition for Sony and Nintendo consoles, which will receive Owlboy in traditional format on May 29.

If you do not know the D-Pad Studio video game you can take a look at Owlboy's analysis, where long ago we highlighted that this 2D platform adventure played "with nostalgia brilliantly" without forgetting innovation. "It brings back the best essence of the adventures of bygone times and puts a new twist on it that feels great.