The strange game that replaces PUBG in China seems like a joke

The game is so similar to PUBG that players have found that they even maintain the same level as they had in the previous title.

The Reuters agency has caught the attention of fans by pointing out in an article the curious way in which Tencent is filling the gap of PUBG between players: a hilarious title called Game For Peace that mixes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with paintball.

As the original text explains, after months of trying to get government approval to launch and monetize PUBG in China, the game has been permanently blocked. While Tencent has decided to abandon the effort to launch PUBG within the huge Chinese market, it has edited Game For Peace instead. The developer describes this title as a "tribute to the blue sky warriors that protect the airspace of our country, "which is the nickname of the Chinese Air Force.

The most curious thing is that Game For Peace keep the same level players previously had within PUBG. What's more, some even found themselves in a location in the game that looked a lot like to the last site where they were within the Bluehole Studio title.

It is not the strangest news starring this game in recent weeks: A few days ago PUBG was banned in Nepal and shortly after it was on sale again.

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