GPU Pascal surplus could delay Turing launch

Nvidia has a lot to sell before the next generation.

It seems that Nvidia have trouble pacing your inventory of graphics cards Or, to be precise, the excess of them. This is indicated by several industry sources from Taiwan. The warehouses of the North American company must not supply after a large Taiwanese assembler has returned 300,000 graphics cards to Nvidia, and that could delay the launch of the Turing family. In the report published by SeekingAlpha it is indicated that "one of Taiwan's big three" has returned such a quantity to the green company for, they say, "excess inventory."

If you do nothing we were coming out of a great card drought due to the abuse of cryptocurrency miners, today it turns out that assemblers are not able to place the cards that it manufactures Nvidia. It is said that these cards belong to the previous generation of graphics, Pascal, and among the theories by which Jensen Huang's company has been able to produce so many cards is just that they wanted to make a strong return to the computer market to play. In short, that by trying to avoid that "bread for today, hunger for tomorrow", now there is too much bread. It is possibly one of the reasons why the president of Nvidia recently said that they would not launch new graphics for a long time. The magic would be that now the market sees a decrease in card prices, of course ...

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