Jak and Daxter and Jak X trilogy release on PS4 is imminent

The games have been rated by the American ESRB. There is no official announcement.

We knew for months that Sony intended to release the original trilogy of Jak and Daxter and the racing game Jak X in Playstation 4, but no release date had been specified yet. It seems that we will not have to wait too long to enjoy the classics of Playstation 2 in the current generation of the Japanese firm, since the American ESRB has just rated the four video games by age.

There is still no date or official announcement by Sony, but the rating of the ESRB and other agencies in charge of rating digital video games by age usually precedes an imminent launch. It remains to be patient and wait for a pronunciation from the editor. From the review of the adventure and platform video game on PlayStation 4 a resolution of 1080p, the arrival of trophies and the Share or remote play function.