Spiderman's white emblem "is for a reason"

Insomniac promises that the game itself will explain the design of the new wall-crawler costume.

Several fans have shown their disconnect on social networks because of the white emblem that the new Spider-Man suit wears in the PS4 video game, but the team of Insomniac Games wanted to calm things down by ensuring that his new action title will explain why Peter Parker has opted for that design.

"It is explained in the game and has a purpose," they comment to a follower of the Marvel character; "It is part of the story that we do not want to tell yet. But it is explained," they say on the other hand. The parents of Resistance and Sunset Overdrive have also highlighted that the Spider-Man video game will bring back multiple characters from the arachnid universe, although some of these will have a different role than the fans are used to, as Insomniac wants to reinvent part of this license .