The director of the new God of War compares the change in the series with that between Resident Evil 3 and 4

He has ensured that there is also something from The Last of Us, which ensures that the perception of users has changed.

The director of the new video game God of war, Cory Barlog, has spoken with the YouTube channel EPNdotTV about the new destiny of Kratos and the most immediate future of the Spartan and his unexpected offspring. The gender change has also surprised users around the world, and Barlog has not hesitated to compare it to that of another great in the history of the video game: "For me the influence is more in the change that was made from Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 4 and the expansion to an audience that seemed more prepared to hear a more adult story. "

He specified that "she is not so much an adult in the strict sense of the word, more in that of offering a more dramatic and challenging change in which you do not give all the answers to the user and force them to go deeper". He did not hesitate to flatter his fellow Naughty dog for their latest work, specifically starring Joel, who said "The Last of Us is a great video game, Naughty Dog is an incredibly talented team and it's great to be compared to them." He assured that "The Last of Us has had its own role in God of War and I am happy about it."

Barlog commented that thanks to The last of us "We are in a period in which players are looking for developments of the present type." God of War has been one of the sensations of the past E3 2016: will be launched exclusively for Playstation 4 and it has no planned release date yet.