Ni-Oh Director Acknowledges Dark Souls Influences On Gameplay

He recognizes that he brings new things to the genre and they are flattered by the comparison.

The American portal Destructoid has been able to interview the director of Ni-Oh, Fumihiko yasuda, who has openly acknowledged the obvious and healthy inspiration for his video game in the Dark Souls franchise from FromSoftware: "As everyone can see, we have that influence. We have a lot of fans of the Souls franchise on our team and it is not something we try to hide: there is an obvious inspiration."

Yasuda, humble, recognizes that "it is an honor to be compared to a series that everyone loves, but we want NiOh to be recognized for its unique characteristics. If people spend their time on NiOh they will discover unique elements that we have put on the table ". The title, with no release date yet, will be released throughout this year exclusively for Playstation 4.