Horizon's colossal size forced its delay

Guerrilla assures that it wanted to "raise the quality" of different areas.

Mathijs de Jonge, the director of Horizon: Zero Dawn, has spoken with the North American portal Gamespot about the action and adventure video game that they are preparing in Warfare and that a few weeks ago it announced its delay until 2017.

"We have a really big open world. With lots of missions, lots of different regions as well ... Plus we have a huge variety of different machines, and we're testing everything. It's a very time consuming thing. We have a lot of components, we just want to raise the quality of the different areas that make up the game, "explained de Jonge.

"The delay was mainly due to the fact that we are talking about a very big game. We are a team of 200 people now, but there is a lot of content to review, evaluate and continue to improve," he continued.