The creator of The Witness, Jonathan Blow, assures that his work "is not an indie game"

He reviews in an interview the controversy that has arisen with the launch price of his new work.

The artist Jonathan Blow has been with the journalists of the British medium MCV talking about the general reaction to the launch of his new video game: The Witness. Of course, it has been inevitable to talk about the controversy that has been generated with the price of the video game, although Blow has not taken it too badly: "I'm not too surprised with people on the network arguing about the price. It was something that it was going to happen, "he admitted with a laugh.

Remember that the launch of his previous video game also had a similar controversy when it reached Xbox 360 territory: "When launching Braid there was a kind of debate about the price as well. It was expected to cost $ 10, like many other games on the Xbox Live Arcade Microsoft decided that the Summer of Arcade event, which included Braid, should go up to $ 15 as they wanted a new point for high-quality games. A lot of people discussed the decision. "

However, and although many of us have insisted on giving it the category of independent game, Blow does not agree at all with belonging to this category and is demarcated: "I don't think it belongs to the category of independent video game. Witness as if it were an indie game: he had a high budget, among other things, having worked on the game for seven years. Would the price issue explain what it cost to do it? There is more.

"It's a great title, with a lot to do, and users surprised by the price may not have a clear perspective on how big and how many things can be done in there." He assured that "instead, there are many people who have played it and recognized that they would have paid more for the title. I sincerely believe that the price is well chosen." The Witness has been available on PC and PlayStation 4 since the past 26 of January.