Killer 7 creator maintains that Let it Die, his next game, has not been canceled

The prestigious Goichi Suda continues to assure that the project will see the light in 2016.

It is almost two years since the announcement of Let it Die, the new project of Goichi Suda, and since then we haven't heard much about him. This morning the prestigious creator of titles such as Killer 7 or No More Heroes has once again insisted that the project is still alive, thus denying the inexhaustible rumors of cancellation.

Members of Grasshopper Interactive Through a video "Behind the Cameras", in which they have explained that the video game will be present at PAX 2016 and that it maintains its launch date for a time yet to be determined in 2016.

Let us remember that this is not the first time that the development team has set this year as the time to make its project available to fans, and it is that in January of this year we already echoed some of his words of a very similar nature.