The creator of Gran Turismo shows his discontent with virtual reality

"When we have 8K and 200Hz it will be something nice", he assured in an interview.

Kazunori yamauchi

The father of Polyphony Digital and the franchise Great tourism, Kazunori yamauchi, has spoken with the Venture Beat portal about the current state of virtual reality. He has not hesitated to express his discontent.

He recalled that "the first assembled device was made before my birth, in 1962. I have been waiting for more than 50 years for its launch. After so long, I expected it to be something more incredible than it is today."

Although the Japanese developer does think that “we have done the best that can be done with current technology,” he joked, “when we have 8K and 200Hz it will be something nice. Maybe 50 more years from now? "

Polyphony Digital's upcoming video game, Gran Turismo Sport, will feature a virtual reality feature for PlayStation VR. The speed simulator will reach Playstation 4 the next fall.