GameStop trading kicks off PS4 Neo rumor this year, then disproves it

It is not the first time that the review of PlayStation 4 has been mentioned to go on sale in 2016.

In the last hours Paul Raines, the CEO of the GameStop retail chain, has brought some confusion as to when it will go on sale PlayStation 4 Neo by initially saying that it will come out in 2016, and then denying it the company it represents.

Initially his words were picked up by the CNBC channel, where he was consulted about what machines we can expect for this Christmas period, to which he replied: "There are two different reviews, PS4 Neo Y Xbox One S, so there will be activity and improvements ... in addition to the virtual reality"commented the executive. Let us remember that only the XOne Slim model is confirmed for this year.

It did not take more than a few hours for the official denials to emerge. "Paul has not said that Xbox One and PlayStation Neo will come out this Christmas, it was the presenter who mentioned that period," commented one of the network's communications managers. "Paul just reminded that there are hardware improvements on the way, but didn't say anything about when they would be released."