Super Nintendo's classic Wild Guns to come to life on PlayStation 4

Natsume is working on a new action video game that will be presented at E3 in Los Angeles.

Good news for lovers of retro. The classic Wild Guns Super Nintendo will come to life with a new action video game that will be released in Playstation 4 this fall, although at the moment no images of the project have been shown.

Apparently we will have to wait for E3 in Los Angeles, which will take place in mid-June, to know in detail Wild Guns Reloaded. At the moment we know, yes, that the video game will bet again on the frantic action in a Wild West with steampunk tints.

There will be two new characters to choose from, Clint and Annie, each of them with their respective weapons and special abilities. From Japan it is also reported that we can run, jump, roll on the ground, and even submerge ourselves in the water while we shoot down all kinds of enemies. There will also be a multiplayer mode.

"With this year being our 30th anniversary, this is the perfect time to revisit one of our most beloved classics," said the head of Natsume Atari, Takashi Matsumoto, who also ensures that the original team behind Wild Guns is "excited" about the "opportunity to revisit their video game many years later."

The Super Nintendo classic Wild Guns, released in 1994, is currently available on the Wii Virtual Console and Wii U.