Guerrilla Cambridge shutdown clipped RIGS 'wings

The study was unable to conduct RIGS: Mechanized Combat as it would have hoped at the post-launch level.

Alex Kanaris and Tom Jones, two of those responsible for Guerrilla Cambridge who suffered the closure of the study at the hands of Sony At the beginning of this year, they have left interesting reflections on what happened in an interview with the British portal Eurogamer.

"I think we made a great video game with RIGS: Mechanized CombatAnd that's why it's so sad that I ended up shutting down the studio, "Jones said at the meeting." We were still working on more things to add later in order to offer more levels and more downloadable content for the community. "

"The sad thing is, the saddest thing is that RIGS never had a real chance to grow and go where we wanted it to go, even though it still did a good job of pushing the envelope. virtual reality and set a guide that other developers can follow, "explains the creative, acknowledging that although he is surprised by Sony's decision to end the team, he is sure that it was not taken lightly.