Sony CEO dismisses any questions about PlayStation 5

Kaz Hirai led a recent strategy meeting for the firm in Tokyo.

The brand PlayStation is one of the most valuable assets in the equation of Sony as a company and Kaz hirai, current CEO of the Japanese firm, is well aware of this. He explained in a recent strategic meeting held by the company at the Tokyo headquarters that at the end of this fiscal year on March 31, 2018, profits will be reached with figures that have not been seen in the company since the late nineties.

There have been few voices that have advanced a future PlayStation 5 earlier than expected, therefore, it seems that some of those who attended the meeting wanted to know Kaz Hirai's opinion about the future generation of consoles. Sony. Hirai, however, declined to comment on the possibility of launching new PlayStation models on the market in the near future, according to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

Hirai has focused the strategy of Sony and its various businesses in maintaining significant profits for years to come. He commented that “we will not always be able to maintain such positive results for many years. To achieve this, we cannot fall asleep on the status quo; we need a new approach ”. Hirai has been the CEO of Sony for more than five years; He is well known to video game users, having long been one of the top brass at Sony Computer Entertainment International.