The shopping cart comes to Fortnite! Find it on the map

Update 4.3 introduces the first battle royale vehicles.

As you well know, unlike PUBG, Fortnite has never had vehicles to roam the map. Until today, more or less. Update 4.3 of this busy battle royale is now available for download, and among other things introduces the shopping cart. In this little guide, we show you the location of all the Fortnite shopping carts so that you too can "mess" it downhill.

First of all, you must bear in mind that the shopping cart must be operated by a person to be able to move, although obviously the most interesting thing is to shoot from within this mobile coverage. So solo, you can drive the cart to gain momentum and then get on it to shoot. In duo it becomes a much more viable vehicle, where one player drives while the other shoots at the same time.

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Interesting, right? Well, the Fortnite community has already discovered 16 locations on the map where a shopping cart can appear. One more thing! Note that the cart is most effective going down a hill or mountain, but the fall damage remains on while on board. Be very careful what you do.