The Capcom Pro Tour 2016 of Street Fighter V will stop in Spain

The Sonic Boom Summer Edition in Madrid will be part of the European qualifier next July.

The Spanish fighting game community is in luck: Capcom has seen fit to consider a scoring appointment for the Capcom Pro Tour European In our country. Its about Sonic Boom Summer Edition, organized by LTTL and which will be held on July 2 and 3 in Madrid for its Street Fighter V tournament. Of course, there will be other championships around Europe: Cannes, Glasgow, Frankfurt or Moscow, among other cities, will have their respective venues .

Capcom is focusing all efforts on turning the future Street Fighter V into a top-tier competitive game. Count on the help of Sony, with which he is organizing championships around the world. In addition to setting dates for the European qualifier, he has set dates and venues for the championships in the United States, Asia and South America. Argentine, Peruvian, Colombian, Costa Rican, Chilean and Mexican readers will also enjoy venues in their countries

Check the Red Bull website to find out when the closest championship will be held. The objective is to reach the Capcom Cup, the championship that the Japanese firm will organize at the end of the year and that will crown the best Street Fighter V player in the world. It is time to train.