Final Fantasy Behemoth finally reaches Monster Hunter World

Capcom displays the available rewards for your head.

After a good series of teasers and clues, the fearsome monster Behemoth (Behemoth in Spanish) from the Final Fantasy universe is available in Monster Hunter: World. If you haven't had a chance to hunt him down yet, Capcom has posted some images and details of the rewards you can access after defeating him.

Its managers warn in advance that it is a tough monster to crack, and recommend bringing at least one partner with a supporting role - as you would in Final Fantasy XIV - with a hunting horn or crossbow. The reality, on the other hand, is that the most enthusiastic players will be able to defeat him with any weapon they propose.

Putting aside the collaboration between Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter, Capcom's action RPG will receive the super-tanned Teostra on August 10, and the super-tanned version of the Kushala Daora on September 9. Both will be available via event for a limited time, and hopefully the game blog will update with more details on this soon. Monster Hunter: World is coming to PC on August 9, and if you prefer it on console, it's available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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