The battle royale Farside will also be playable on PS4

For now, it seems that it will stay in the Chinese market.

Soon, Chinese gamers will be able to play a new title in the battle royale genre on their PS4 consoles. We talk about Farside: An Athletic Game (yes, that's his name). If it doesn't ring a bell, it is because until now it was exclusive to mobile phones in China. Its market has apparently not changed, but the platforms where it can be played have: Sony and Perfect World Entertainment have joined forces to make this 'port' of the game from Dark Horse Game Studio.

Unfortunately, no 'in-game' material has been shared to see how it looks, but a cinematic trailer that you can see attached in the news, without any mention for the West. Likewise, it is likely that if you have played Fortnite, PUBG or Realm Royale you already know the survival and resource gathering mechanics that shape Farside.

In addition to Farside, Sony has also presented several more games on the ChinaJoy 2018 stage; including the long-awaited Lost Soul Aside. As in the previous case, no details have been provided for Europe and North America, but it is to be expected that some of these games will reach our territory sooner or later.

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