Analyst Michael Pachter is not expecting a big E3 for Sony: "What they present will not come out soon anyway"

It goes further: "If you think of the ten most disappointing moments in E3 history, they are all from Sony conferences."

Michael Pachter

That waits Michael Pachter of the E3 2016? It seems that of Sony very little. The analyst has spoken with the American portal GamingBolt about the next event in Los Angeles and has been very critical of the strategies followed by the Japanese in what is the biggest event of the year in the video game industry: "Will they present The Last Guardian for the fifteenth time? Will it be the final one? Do we have a definitive date? "He wondered about the future Team Ico video game.

He ended up going further and criticized the Sony story at the event: "If you think about the ten most disappointing moments in the history of E3, they are all from Sony press conferences," he added, "and by disappointment I don't necessarily mean bad news from the conference, I mean things that were announced and never heard from again. " Regarding this year's event, he is pessimistic: "Who cares what Sony presents at E3? What they present will not come out soon anyway."

His bet on the second installment of The Last of Us, of which he guarantees that "it will be said that it will come out 'at some point'". Sony signed a conference last year with three capital presentations from third parties and an exclusive: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue III and the return of The Last Guardian, about which practically nothing has been heard since last year's event.