Analyst Michael Pachter says Xbox One is unable to reach PlayStation 4 sales

He ensures that it should be assumed that, in each console cycle, Sony will double Microsoft's outbound sales.

The well-known analyst Michael Pachter, one of the most popular in the video game world, has spoken through his question and answer program Pachter Factor on sales differences between Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which are getting shorter on recent holidays like Black friday.

"What can Microsoft do to shorten the gap between Xbox One and PlayStation 4?" One fan asked the analyst. "Nothing," Pachter replied briefly, assuming the idea that throughout the history of the different console cycles in which both companies have faced each other, the best-selling Xbox machine, Xbox 360, only achieved half of units than the best-selling PlayStation, the second.

"We should start each machine cycle assuming Sony is going to double sales of Microsoft, because they have a lot of people who know what their console is and what to expect from it. I think the first-party content is what makes the difference, "he commented." I think Microsoft is trying to win in the United States, but I think they are going to fail in the effort. They expect overall victory, but I think they will definitely fail in that as well. "