20% of Detroit: Become Human will be common to all users

David Cage explains that it is a solution for players to compare their journey.

Detroit: Become Human was present in the past E3 2017. The cinematic video game, exclusive to Playstation 4, is a highly anticipated production among fans of the domestic platform of Sony, hence the desire to relive an adventure like that of Heavy rain increase as the release of the video game approaches. What can we expect from the title and its decisions? David Cage recently spoke with WCCFTech about it, and specified a very interesting detail about the footage that we will see in the title.

Cage specified that for the development of Detroit: Become Human “it was important not to use anything false, because in this genre it is very easy to do something, to say that there is a lot of freedom and consequences in your actions and that it is not true. It was priced at the production level to say 'okay, we are going to produce 20% scenes that all players can see in their first game, but we are going to do it so that players can talk about said 20% among themselves and compare their stories and see how different they have been ”.

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