Egypt was considered the setting for the new God of War

However, in the end they thought more suitable for Kratos a Nordic theme.

Not surprisingly, the possibility of setting God of War in the Ancient Egypt was one of the great wishes of the community, and also in a good part of the creatives of Santa Monica Studio who have admitted in a recent interview the possibility.

"Egyptian mythology was the path chosen by half the team," confirms Cory Barlog, creative director, in an interview with the British website Eurogamer. "They all had great reasons. In my opinion, and comparing both settings, Egyptian mythology is about the pharaohs as incarnation of the gods on Earth and this is more about civilization; it is less isolated and sterile," he adds.

"Right now we wanted to focus on Kratos. Having too much around distracts from the central axis of a stranger in a strange land," continues Barlog. "We are currently moving from Greece and Kratos is a bit aimless. We are taking it as the time when the Vikings talked about their gods walking the earth," he continued. That is, it will be quite set long ago from the viking era.