Echo, the mysterious sci-fi adventure, has a date for PS4

The Ultra Ultra video game has been on sale for a few days on PC.

Although ECHO was initially announced for September 19 on both PC and PlayStation 4, finally the console version of Sony It was made to wait and, since last night, we know its final release date for this one. The title will go on sale at PS4 on October 11, and he celebrated it a few hours ago with the launch trailer that you can see accompanying the news and that demonstrates the artistic mastery of the team of veterans of the hitman saga.

"Echo is a sci-fi action puzzle game where your greatest threat will be yourself! You play the role of En, a young space traveler who awakens after a hundred years of slumber and establishes a quick love-hate relationship with London (Nick Boulton, Dragon Age, Mass Effect), a conscious spaceship that has transported it through the galaxy, "they explain through the official PlayStation blog.

"Now, in the depths of space, our particular allies will discover a strange structure known only as El Palacio, a powerless and mammoth construction filled with the most cutting-edge and mysterious technology. Shortly after your arrival, El Palacio will deploy its defenses to prevent you from discover its dark secrets. Now the madness will begin to unleash in Echo! ", they comment. "The Palace studies all of En's movements and creates identical replicas," Echoes ", in appearance and seemingly harmless (until you get close to them!). The replicas, the echoes, will begin to know that they can do whatever you do. you and they will not hesitate to use your own tactics against you to protect the Palace from your invasion. "