EA Sports welcomes incorporating cross-play into FIFA 19

However, he does not dare to promise anything before the reluctance of some first-parties.

Little by little the cross game (cross-play in English) in certain multiplayer video games such as Fortnite, by Epic Games, or Rocket League, by Psyonix. Therefore, it is not surprising that some wonder when another of the titans of the competitive subject between users, EA Sports, will take the step. For now, the company has acknowledged seeing with good eyes incorporating such a function into FIFA 19.

"It is something that we have discussed internally," Matt Prior, creative director of the game, explained to the British portal Eurogamer, also adding that one of the main problems is how some first-parties, without citing any specific company, show little prone to such inclusion. "From a consumer point of view, this would create a much wider community, something really irresistible," he added without wanting to commit to anything serious about cross play in FIFA 19.

This cross-platform multiplayer enjoyment feature continues to leave news for debate in the industry. The last one had to do with Fortnite and its arrival on Nintendo Switch that forced Sony to re-pronounce itself on cross-play. For its part, FIFA 19 will hit the market on September 28.