EA won't give up loot boxes in its video games

Of course, they clarify that they will avoid controversies like those of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and will offer them in a "fun and transparent" way.

Electronic arts seems to have very clear plans for the future regarding the policies of microtransactions And while they recently claimed to have learned from their mistakes with Battlefront II as to what happened with their loot boxesThe truth is that they do not plan to stop using this method.

"We are going to go ahead with it," acknowledged Andrew Wilson when asked about the loot boxes in a meeting with shareholders who expressed concern about the reception that the case of Star Wars Battlefront 2 had among fans. "We are always thinking about The players. We always think about how to offer these kinds of experiences and make them transparent, fun and fair, as well as balanced for everyone. "

"We will continue in constant communication with legal departments around the world," Wilson admitted, when asked by countries like Belgium where there is already a threat of jail time for FIFA 18, Overwatch or CS: GO if they do not remove this type of microtransactions from the gut of their video games.

"With games like FIFA Ultimate Team we don't consider all loot boxes to be considered gambling games," Wilson warned. "Firstly because a specified number of items are received in each envelope and, furthermore, because we do not authorize those items to be resold for real money."