EA: "It's not a question of 'will there be streaming games or not?': There will be"

The American publisher faces the main challenges of the next great challenge of the industry.

The trend of streaming already seems a matter of the present and not of the future, and more after the announcement of Microsoft in the past E3 to offer a solution for streaming their games on a date to be determined. In this regard, the GamesIndustry portal has interviewed the new executive vice president of strategic growth of Electronic arts, Matt bilbey. The magazine has covered with the representative of the American firm the challenge that the jump to streaming represents for the video game industry, what does Electronic Arts think about it? Bilbey has not hesitated to offer his sincerest opinion on a trend that he believes will arrive sooner than many players and professionals imagine.

'The main challenge of streaming lies in the service infrastructure, the bandwidth you need to offer a service like this. Today, that remains a challenge. But I think that at some point over the next two years, the barrier to entry will drop considerably, "he said," maybe not for all markets, but for many people. Bandwidth will increase, so the business model around the transmission of a game by streaming will be more viable ". Bilbey asserted that, streaming," is not a question of 'Will there be game streaming in the future or won't there be?': there will be. The question is knowing when. "

The challenge is important and must be perfect from day one Bilbey believes that a bad first impression could have catastrophic results for streaming: "If you go into streaming and the experience is slow for much of the game and it stops, surely, you will not go back in, so the challenge that some companies had in the past with streaming was enormous. I think that, today, there are solutions that allow us to live up to what is expected of the service, and we work with many companies that create servers and offer many innovative solutions that many of the big companies are working with to bring the technology to life. "