Dynasty Warriors 9 promises great freedom of action for gamers

Koei Tecmo will allow fans to tackle the fight as they wish.

A few hours before the video game is presented in style, the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu offers abundant information on Dynasty Warriors 9, the new action video game from Koei Tecmo which, as the main novelty, will take the intense fighting typical of this saga to a open world.

Thanks to this change, the fight will take place on a gigantic map by which players can move freely, thus being able to surround a castle to assault it from the position that best suits their forces, or bet on stealth as a way to reach the mission success.

There will be the main ones, of course, that will appear progressively throughout the map, but Koei Tecmo also promises dozens of secondary tasks that will allow us to acquire the level of skill necessary to face the most difficult challenges. On the other hand, the stage will have a great role, because depending on where we are, we can execute some or other special movements such as using a hook to climb mountains and walls, or hitting certain structures so that they fall on the heads of the rivals.

Another of the most interesting details is that the Time and weather They will change in real time, giving us the opportunity to face the fight under the cover of night if we believe that this will give us some tactical advantage, since it will be more difficult for enemies to detect us.

Swimming across the Yellow River can take about five minutes rhythm of action it promises to be fierce, with several battles raging in unison throughout the mapping. We can join any of them at any time; Based on our actions and the course of history, the mapping design will change adapting to the different eras in the history of the Three Kingdoms. There will also be exclusive events for each character, leading us to experience the fight from different points of view.

To give us an idea of ​​the magnitude of the game world they are creating, the Omega Force team assures that swimming across the Yellow River can take us about five minutes. There will also be ten cities to be explored, some of them on a colossal scale.For example, we can travel to Luoyang, which is smaller than the real city was, but even so it is about a kilometer long. What to do in these areas? Buy and sell objects, as well as customize the appearance of the heroes, who on this occasion, will wear more realistic costumes and according to the time in which the action is limited.

With a lot of work ahead, since the game is around 40% of its development, Koei Tecmo also confirms that to move around this new open world we can use horses, or bet on the fast travel option. The region will be populated with animal fauna that we can freely hunt with bows and other weapons of the style, thus fulfilling other secondary tasks that the video game will propose.