Dynasty Warriors 9 presents new video details of their combat

New mechanics for the action and enhancement of the exploration factor.

In KOEI Tecmo They've brought some new features to Dynasty Warriors 9, and best of all, they've provided sustenance for them through a first video look at the title in motion to reference their battles in particular.

"Today we unveiled the new combat mechanics and exploration features that will make their debut in Dynasty Warriors 9, the next installment in the action franchise of Omega Force"They explain in a press release." With an impressive trailer alongside other materials, the firm offers a more detailed view of the beautifully rendered game environments and the dynamic combat system that players will find in the game. "

"The game incorporates exhilarating new combat mechanics to the characteristic 'one against thousands' style of play with the 'State Combo' system," they comment. "This system allows for three different attack styles - Trigger Attacks, Flow Attacks, and Finish Attacks - each of which progressively inflicts more damage. The former causes players to trigger an explosive combo, causing them take to put into practice Flow Attacks, which adapt to the enemy's state. Success in combos allows you to put into practice a final attack, with which to give the final blow to finish off the enemies that are in its path. enhancements are aimed at creating an amazing and fluid gaming experience unlike any previous installment in the franchise. "

Unifying the power of iconic action from the Warriors series with a variety of new features, characters and content, in a sprawling open-world game environment, Dynasty Warriors 9 aims to deliver the most immersive and ambitious experience to date in the world. saga ", they conclude, but not before remembering what platforms, release date and other features will be offered over time.