Dynasty Warriors 9 shows its first images

More than 80 historical figures will join the action in this Koei Tecmo video game.

Larger and much more varied in its action. These will be some of the keys to Dynasty Warriors 9, the new installment of this veteran franchise of Koei Tecmo from which we finally have its first official images.

The video game, which yesterday released abundant information, will bet on open world action, giving us the opportunity to face the fight as we please, using stealth tactics or direct combat. The colossal map on which the action takes place will represent various regions of China with their own peculiarities: there will be areas of snow, jungles, deserts ... and in all of them we will enjoy transitions between day and night, as well as weather changes in real time .

At the level of game mechanics, apart from the interactive actions with the stage itself, we will find a new element of combat called "State Combo System", which basically allows us to react fluently to the unforeseen events of the fight. It is made up of three actions: Trigger Attack, which is the movement that starts the combo; Flow Attacks, which vary depending on the enemy's status, and the powerful Finish Attack, with which we will end the fight in a spectacular way.

Regarding the characters Those we can control, Omega Force confirms that the 83 officers who appeared throughout the history of Dynasty Warriors will be present in the game with new outfits that, yesterday, they claimed would have a more realistic appearance. In this first batch of images we can already see how characters like Cheng Pu, Xiahou Dun, Guan Yu and Zhao Yun look.