Dungeons 2, the dungeon management game, is also coming to PlayStation 4

It will be released in April and will be accompanied by all the DLC published on PC.

PlayStation 4 players will be able to enjoy from April 22 the simulation and dungeon management game Dungeons 2, which will put us in charge of an army of monstrous creatures that we will have to take care of in a similar way to that of the memorable Dungeon Keeper .

Currently available on PC, one of the great novelties of the title is that it allows us to rise to the surface to guide the hosts there as if it were a typical real-time strategy game.

The version of Dungeons 2 for PS4 will be accompanied by the various DLC published to date in compatible, which are Dragon Luck, A Song of Sand and Fire, and Clash of Pumpkins, each with three unique skirmish maps; in addition to the Mornigwood and Pixie Village maps.

Publisher Kalypso Media further confirms that the game will be released on Sony's console in both physical and digital download formats.