Driveclub VR offers details on its game modes, tracks and vehicles

There will be multiplayer races, new and familiar tracks, as well as more than 80 vehicles to choose from.

A leak from the official PlayStation blog in Japan allowed us to discover Driveclub VR, a new driving video game designed to make the most of Sony's virtual reality glasses. And now, on the occasion of Gamescom 2016, concrete details have been offered on what we can expect from this work.

Its managers promise that it will be "the most immersive Driveclub experience possible". It will recreate with great detail more than 80 vehicles that the players will be able to observe the detail with total freedom thanks to a mode dedicated to it. As for the circuits, as was anticipated weeks ago, we will find old acquaintances of Driveclub but also new tracks set in five new urban environments.

Driveclub VR will also allow us to calmly explore all these circuits to simply enjoy the views; As well as in the repetitions of the races, we will be able to get inside the cars to experience the action from the passenger's perspective.

If we talk about game modes, there will be solo races but also a multiplayer. Among the tests we find the classic challenges against the clock and competition against other vehicles.