Driveclub VR is a reality: it will arrive on PlayStation VR in its premiere

Its premiere will take place with the device. It has been valued at more than 40 euros.

The Driveclub VR prototype had been known for months, but it was not clear that the launch would take place in PlayStation VR in a short period of time or if it was in Sony's plans. Just today, the console blog in Japan made the news official: Driveclub VR will premiere on the PlayStation VR of Playstation 4 the next October 13, device launch day.

Beyond offering a virtual reality gaming experience and new races in urban areas, not much is yet known about the content of the video game. An interesting fact is that the video game has been priced at 3,900 yen in the Japanese market, which is about 42 euros to change, and that will be sold in physical and digital format.

The one who was director of Driveclub original, Paul Rustchynsky, has used the announcement to confirm on Twitter that "the new tracks are some of my favorites in the game", without specifying if there is any possibility of seeing them in the future in Driveclub. Rustchynsky and his team currently work with Codemasters on a new driving IP.

There had been signs of the game's launch for months, but until now it was not known if it would go beyond a mere internal demonstration. It remains to wait for the announcement for the West.