Dreadnought debuts Onslaught mode on PS4

This space battle game is in open beta testing.

PlayStation 4 users who enjoy the open beta of Dreadnought have at their disposal a new content update that improves the playable offer of this promising video game of combat between gigantic spaceships, with the premiere of the mode Onslaught as the main novelty.

In this game mode, time has been available on PC, fans must not only fight other enemies in the exciting multiplayer battles of Dreadnought; There are also neutral AI-controlled ships on the stage, promising to leave us with a "total and massive war."

The update also reviews progression, including how players learn about their new ships, starting with Proving Grounds, a new game mode that replaces the old training games. Players team up with each other and with AI-controlled ships to learn the game's mechanics while earning credits and experience in battle against the game's own artificial intelligence.

To all these additions we must add many other improvements such as the friend lists, new end-of-game statistics, bug fixes and a wide variety of changes that you can check on the game's official website.