Dragon Quest Heroes II presents two new characters in video

Cesar and Desdemona join the fight in this long-awaited action video game for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Square enix has shared a new trailer for Dragon Quest: Heroes II that allows us to meet two of the new characters who join the fight in this long-awaited hack'n slash action video game developed by the creators of Dynasty Warriors. Their names?

On the one hand we have Desdemona, a warrior who serves the Kingdom of Zebion and is equipped with a gigantic ax. The Japanese describe her as a happy character who can be trusted, but beware of pissing her off! As the video shows, their fighting strength is overwhelming.

The other addition is Cesar, the prince of Gywall, who is a childhood friend of the protagonists of this new adventure. He is equipped with a sword and although people adore him, the creators of Dragon Quest Heroes II warn that he becomes an unmanageable person when he loses his temper.

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